Just Change ......... A grassroots response to the global economy that has left the vast majority of people powerless, with little or no control over the factors that influence their lives.

With growth and financial gain having become the driving force behind all economic activity, this faceless market economy has slowly eroded our sense of community. Just Change has developed an alternative way of doing business that challenges this by allowing producers, consumers and investors to work together in mutually beneficial ways – thus rebuilding the notion of community and regaining power in the marketplace.

This radical trade initiative that links the local and global, goes beyond earlier initiatives like the Fair Trade movement and producer cooperatives, that have tried to address the problem of unfair markets. Rather than focus solely on getting better prices for producers, Just Change takes control of the market by creating the infrastructure for producers and consumers to trade directly with each other while allowing investors to actively participate in the social change process. Thus not only ensuring better prices for producers but also delivering good quality products at lower costs to consumers - so that poor and disadvantaged people who cannot afford the fair trade premium are also included. So it is not about prices alone – it is more about conducting our trade and managing our economy in a way that gives power back to communities. We are building an economic system that is founded upon principles of justice and equity; one which is driven by human values and not invisible market forces and the pursuit of wealth at any cost.

Just Change was born in India among the adivasi people of the Nilgiri Mountains as a response to the crash in tea prices. It has grown now to other parts of India, the UK and Germany. In India, we work through the Just Change Trust and the Just Change India Producer Company where producer and consumer communities trade directly with each other.